Monday, 25 May 2009

Nice people

Today I have found out about Operation Nice. I saw a badge on la marquise des ange's blog which said "I am very nice". I thought to myself, "Well, this seems to be true", because I met la marquise on etsy yesterday evening and we had a very lovely chat through convos. "I wonder what happens when I click on the badge?", I thought to myself. Will I find a list of nice people? I was very curious. What I actually found was a website which was actively encouraging people to be proactively nice. Check it out for yourself.

This got me thinking. First thought: how great that someone is putting out such a positive message. Second thought: how sad that people have to be encouraged to be nice. Third thought: how great that someone's blog reports and recognises unseen little kindnesses which make a huge difference to our lives. Fourth thought: I should get a badge. Fifth thought: is it strange to call myself nice? Sixth thought: the badge might help others to discover this great idea! So - see the badge on my blog!

By the way, this doesn't mean that I'm nice all the time. But I'm trying to be!

Bonne journée

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  1. Well I do my best to be as nice as possible too ...I remember a few onths ago when i first discovered this initiative ... I did ask the same kind of questions to myself ... But you say it a lot better than I actually would :)
    It have had great time chatting with you ... and feel so happy I met you ...