Sunday, 17 May 2009

Here comes the sun

We have finally had a sunny weekend here in the south of France. It has changed the mood of everything, we move from interior to exterior spaces with ease, the children are enjoying the freedom of running in and out. Although we've had a lot of rain that's not all bad as the landscape is lush and verdant and the fruit trees we planted this year (apples, cherries, plums and pears) are becoming well-established. Every Spring we complain about the rain and then when summer comes we worry about water shortage. Our village is dependent on a water source coming from the mountains and at the driest time the population of this tiny village swells with holiday makers. Since we have lived here we have been much more aware of the preciousness of basic requirements for life such as water, wood for heating etc.

To celebrate the arrival of the sun this weekend I have made a sunny sunflower necklace which can be found in my etsy shop. (
I hope that you like it.

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