Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Today I came across an interesting blog on "Artists Newsletter". An artist, Rachel Gomme, is carrying out a cumulative performance in which she unravels and re-knits the same small piece of knitting each day throughout the month of May. She says that she is interested in how the yarn changes and how it affects the work and, linked to that, how we mark and assess time.

I love the idea that knitting is used in art, as art. Some people laugh at me (or try not to, but I notice that!) when I say that I knit. It is still sometimes seen as a kind of irrelevant activity for older people. Some people say how great it is, as though they admire me but wouldn't dare to do it themselves. So artists using knitting can only be a good thing in raising its profile.

I am always trying to find new ways of using knitting. I know that there are others out there who make knitted jewellery, and probably in more innovative ways than me. However, I have so many ideas and I feel that as I create I will understand more fully how the medium can be used. I recognise that it has certain constraints, for example it is much easier to crochet a circular shape than to knit one, but I like the idea of working within these confines and finding ways of solving these types of problems. I think that the fact that I am quite inexperienced in knitting can be an advantage as I don't have a strong idea of what should and shouldn't be done, I just try to go with what I like.

Today I have finished a new necklace and bracelet. The weather was overcast, rainy and dull so I couldn't take proper photos for etsy, but here is a sneak preview of the necklace before I list it tomorrow.

See Rachel Gomme's blog here:

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