Friday, 5 June 2009

Melì Melòn on Etsy

I am really excited to be bringing you my very first featured artist. Melì-Melòn is based in Barcelona and so not far from where I live, just a couple of hours over the border.

She makes the most beautiful dresses, as you can see from the photographs. I met her on an Etsy forum where she was asking for help with her English (which she didn't need by the way) and we have been communicating through Etsy conversations. I now have a dress for my little girl and when it arrived she wanted to try it on immediately, it is soooo cute. I can testify that her pieces are extremely well-designed, well-made and she pays so much attention to detail.

I asked Melì-Melòn to write about her work and her ideas and she sent me this lovely text:

"When I was a little girl, I spent hours looking at how my mother was sewing dresses for my older sister and me, every single dress was special, unique and made with lots of love. She left us five years ago and then I became the new owner of her sewing machine and her vintage fabric collection, so I started sewing my own handmade dresses for my 2 daughters. With every finished dress, I remember my mother and how proud she would be. A lot of people and friends were surprised at my girls' clothes designs and encouraged me to sell them. Last summer, my sister discovered Etsy, a wonderful place where you can meet lovely people from everywhere and find really unique handmade items at affordable prices, so I've recently open my little shop there. I really love sewing, for me is like going back to my childhood and playing with dolls again. I want every one of my designs to be unique and different from what I could buy in a conventional shop, so I usually work with high-quality vintage fabrics or Japanese imported fabrics, I love them!"

I hope that you will take the time to look at her Etsy shop. It is certainly worth a visit (and worth making a purchase for the little princess in your life).

Bonne journée to you all and bonne continuation Melì-Melòn!


  1. Thanks!
    So exciting to be featured in your blog!!

  2. superbe !!! j'adore ...
    great colors, great design !!! and I so love this name !!!
    cute little model too. I just hearted her.