Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cocon on Etsy

Here is my second featured Etsy artist! I am so happy to be showing off the work of Cocon-a from Céret, France. I discovered Masami (who created the Cocon label) on Etsy when I was looking for a present for my sister-in-law and I found such a gorgeous bag, hand woven in red and white yarn. I didn't realise until later that we were "neighbours"!

When I received the bag, it was wrapped in the most beautiful packaging and finished to a very high standard. My sister-in-law loves it!

Masami not only makes bags but also adorable children's clothes, hats, mobiles and super cute quirky Cocon dolls. All of these designs are conceived by Masami and, as you can see from the photos, she has great talent.

On her blog Masami has a list of things she likes, among them: the dawn, the smell of the sea, hand-made chocolate ice-cream, jumping in virgin snow, things which have a history... I think that this, along with the piece Masami wrote about her work (below) speaks volumes about the poetic, gentle world of Cocon, the inspiration behind the creations and her attention to detail.

A world of freedom
I let my ideas come and they are carried on the wind,
this is how Cocon creations come to life,

I want each Cocon creation to hold good
and not drift away on the current
"Constant existence"
this is what I seek to achieve with the creations of my hands
through which my thoughts are imparted.

(Translated from French)

Masami's etsy shop is:
She also has a blog (in French) here:
And her own online store here:
(Look out especially for the Coin de Cocon where you will find sale items (yippee!) as well as vintage articles for sale:

Please have a look, I know you will be delighted by these charming items.

Bonne journée et à bientôt


  1. Merci encore!!
    bon week-end à toi, il va faire très chaud!!

  2. j'adore ... so lovely ... thank you so much for sharing. I am adding her to my fav.

  3. Je passe de temps en temps sur son joli blog.
    Sur la pointe des pieds.
    Tout est si apaisant, l'ambiance épurée et les créations sublimes. J'adore!